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Master Pinterest & Increase Traffic to your Blog


Working hard on your blog but no ones reads it?

Lost in all those social networks wondering how to get traffic?

Looking for quality constant traffic to your website?

Maybe you heard others raving about Pinterest and its traffic potential...

Because Pinterest is not a social network like the others

It is a Search Engine and an Idea Catalog that sends quality traffic in significant quantity

Here is a new blog in French (so with far less users) after only a couple of months and no content to start with:

Augmenter trafic blog avec Pinterest débutant

And for established sites, many bloggers share that it is their 1st or 2nd Traffic source.

Look at how stable it is! (Social is Pinterest only)

Source trafic site avec Pinterest

All that without without paying to promote content!

And without spending hours and hours on the platform!

Real Source of Traffic = Real Monetization options


Ready to finally see results for all your efforts?

I am not one of those huge accounts promising you their numbers despite the fact they did not grow from scratch but purchased accounts with high numbers of followers.

I am like you. I have been hassling and testing on different accounts, growing them from scratch and constantly learning. And I have confirmed via a survey, that my results are in the top performances.

Today I want to give you a structured process with all that I learnt:

  • How to create the right content for Pinterest
  • How to dramatically improve your Pin design for higher engagement
  • Understanding the most successful types of Pinterest articles
  • Step-by-step explanations on How to satisfy Pinterest SEO criteria to get your pins in front of more people
  • Pinning strategies to grow your account
  • ...

With StructurPinterest, you have access to methods, tools, tips, and processes to set up your Pinterest account and generate traffic.

No panic! You will get there step by step:

4 phases - 16 steps (and some bonuses)

And 3 extra videos dedicated to Travel Blogging

including many real life examples!

Course Curriculum


Full disclosure - This course is not for

- People who dont have patience; you will have to work at it for a couple of months before seeing results. So if you often give up after a few weeks, don't purchase this course

- People with advanced understanding of Pinterest

- People looking to get thousands of followers in the next few months... not possible!

- People who can't stand a French Accent (I am French and easy to understand but I cannot turn off the accent)

- People who are in the Travel Niche - consider taking my other course StructurPinterest for Travel Bloggers

- People looking for detailed information about Pinterest Ads - this is not covered

Hear from Course Participants

What an experienced user who reviewed the course has to say:

" Well organized and easy to follow, a valuable tools to make the most of Pinterest. I am an advanced users who learned by herself and I wish I had had that at the beginning."

- Corinne Stoppelli, Vie Nomade

What intermediate and beginner users have to say:

"Claire's course really helped me! It is well structured to build and optimize your profile step by step (exactly what I needed). Now, It is really clearer for me to know what I have to do. I have work to do but it is really motivating to know where I am going."

And later... "Thanks for the course, it has already helped me triple my traffic just with Pinterest"

- Nastasya, Valiz Storiz

"I had often heard that Pinterest was a great source of traffic. But I had abandoned implementing Pinterest. It was complicated to master Pinterest without explanations or simply by reading articles on the Internet... Thanks to Claire's course, I have learned a lot and I now use it everyday. Now that I understand it, I am motivated to work on it and increase my followers to grow traffic.

- Nina, Smiling and Traveling

Your Instructor

Claire Robinson
Claire Robinson

Since I was 7 or 8 years old, I have always loved organizing and designing information. At school, my favorite homework was preparing reports and presentations. One of my first memories is a poster I did with a bright blue background and information about Nicephore Niepce, a French man credited as the inventor of photography.

And through my studies, my hobbies and my career, I always come back to organizing and simplifying knowledge into actionable bites for people to understand and get result.

I want to help you share your concepts and ideas in a way that empowers the recipient and changes his or her life.

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